Artisanal tacos

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Tacos dorados called flautas, or taquitos, for which the tortillas are
filled with pre-cooked shredded chicken, beef or barbacoa, rolled into
an elongated cylinder and deep-fried until crisp.

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Um, Tabasco? No thanks, do you have any Cholula? How bout a gosh darn quesadilla? Tacos Al pastor/De Adobada are made of thin pork steaks seasoned with adobo seasoning.

Artisanal tacos

Everything goes better with tacos

Tacos, tacos, tacos. Tacos, again? This will be 5 times this week and it’s only Tuesday. Give me all the tacos, immediately. 50 cent tacos! I’ll take 30.


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Say taco one more time. Give me tacos, or give me death. Um, Tabasco? No thanks, do you have any Cholula? Shrimp tacos are tasty tacos! Carne asada on corn tortillas. Black or pinto beans?

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