“I have previously worked for many large properties as a chef throughout Ottawa, and although there have been some great experiences in my career, I have never been a corporate yes-man and often find that quality lacks and the culinary art is lost within the corporate model.

After about ten years in the industry, I knew I needed to create my own brand and operate how I believed while delivering a product I was 100% proud to put my name and face on.

It has been a work in progress throughout my career finding the right fit and gaining the knowledge needed to find my niche; I ran two restaurants in the past as well as a catering company that focused on weddings.

My past businesses did well but they were not me. In contrast, everything about La Cantina feels right: I am happy at work, my passion is back 100%, and I am always working to improve the La Cantina brand while being able to chat with my clientele/friends and help in the community when I can. And of course, to eat some of my very favourite cuisine that is bursting with fresh flavours!”

Scot Miller

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday 11am-7pm



(613) 826-3636